What’s the Difference?

05_Hartling_with dimensional lumber!with dimensional lumber!

06_Hartling_art you glad I didn't say experimental literature?_18x24art you glad I didn’t say experimental literature?

07_Hartling_one if you have a hammer!_18x24one if you have a hammer!

08_Hartling_because their subjective reality was screwed!_18x24because their perception of reality was screwed!

09_Hartling_to get to the signified_18x24to get to the signified!

10_Hartling_they're both long and hard!_18x24they’re both long and hard!

11_Hartling_a post structure_18x24a post structure!

12_Hartling_because they don't have to build it, and the actors tear it down!_18x24because they don’t have to build it, and the actors tear it down!

13_Hartling_because they didn't have an erasure_18x24because they didn’t have an erasure

14_Hartling_one's more like the other_18x24one’s more like the other

15_Hartling_because they were self-conscious!_18x24because they were self conscious!

16_Hartling_who's there?_18x24who’s there?



01 Hartling_What's the Difference_dimensions variable02Hartling_What's the Difference_dimensions variable03 Hartling_What's the Difference_dimensions variable


What’s the Difference?, 2018
installation and drawings